Senior Fashion Marketing Capstone

Kori Carter

For the course titled: Professional Portfolio Practices in Fashion Marketing, we were required to complete a senior capstone project. This project has been ongoing for an entire quarter. My capstone project was my second fashion show and pop-up shop titled Worlds Collide II, which was curated by my boyfriend Devin Gaston and I. This project stood out amongst my peers because it was an actual event that happened with tangible results. I created all of the crochet garments by hand and Devin designed his Party Starter t-shirts, both which were displayed during a runway show. This presentation is a recap of the process, planning, and execution of the event. Below are links to the videos that I have included in the presentation.

Process Video: https://youtu.be/W7FJoyxX0jg

BTS Video: https://youtu.be/afOBdwAxb-o

Show Recap Video: https://youtu.be/sBnk0R_KZYc